This is too hard

I've waited for this..
Hoping that I meet the expectation..
And alhamdulillah, I got it..

And I thought my colleague will get the same result as me..
And it turns out to be negative..
Even though I should be happy for myself but I just can't..
When I know someone who's giving me so much help,
Who's working together with me during the hard time,

Is still sad over this thing....

I don't know what should I do..
I don't know what should I say..
I'm terribly sorry for you..

I'm sorry..

This is too hard........


  1. babe! be strong k. insyaAllah ada hikmahnya.. :)

    baru terjumpa blog ko ni.. maybe sebelum ni aku follow blog lame kot..

    1. ayus... thanks sgt.. aku tau orang tu x marah kat aku tp bila tgk dia senyap je x bercakap rasa serba salah sgt T_T tu lah harap2 ada hikmah disebalik semua ni jadi.. amin.. thanks ayus :)



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