Cybernite FTSM 2010 - Corporate n Masquerade Dinner~~

Salam... :)
Wow, da lama giler aku x update blog.. seyes aku bz ngn fyp n byk bnd lain.. and for this week aku bz ngn training tuk show masa dinner faculty aku.. hahaha... nka tau show ape? jeng jeng jeng... haha.. a dinner is held for all final year students at our every department need to do one performance and we (TK) decide to perform the Nobody dance!! haha.. surprise2.. lalalala :p well, as some of u guys know, i'm one of the Wonder Girls biggest fans so I really happy when I know that Huze suggest to do this performance.. and the luckiest thing is that I know every single steps for nobody dance so they hired me to become the choreographer.. haha... blush...blush.. (.^_^.)
ktorg stat prktis ari isnin ari tu.. then smpai ari rabu.. hehe.. kenangan terindah dlm idup aku bt show ngn member2 ni.. hehe.. mcm2 suka duka jd time prktis.. best2!! akan igt smpai bila2.. ^^.. n this is the last yr for us to gather like this.. hmmm so sad :( hope that we can make a reunion after this.. hehe..
ok, for the dinner, the theme was Corporate Masquerade! Masquerasde~ so we need to wear mask la kn? hehehe.. and this is the mask that I wear! :D

mcm red indian! hahaha.. and these are some photos from last night dinner~ have fun


  1. i want more!!!!mane ckop ni wani....haha

  2. haha.. gmbr aku pon xbyk sgt.. pastu yg ada lak byk yg blur.. haha.. xtau spe yg tgkp jd blur cmtu... sedey2 =(

  3. wow u guys sgt cute:D
    wan punye mask sgtt comelll...geram dgn bulu2 kt mask tu:P

  4. sri! thx.. hehehe.. tu la, tema masquerade lak kali ni.. smua kne pkai mask... ngeh3... bulu2 tu ganggu gak la.. haha...asyk msuk mulut je tau! huhuhu

  5. salam.
    cam kenal je slh sorg lam pic ni.

    if im not be mistaken, suliza kah yg topeng dia tas dahi tu?? huhu.

  6. wsalam.. haah, dlm pic tu suliza.. kwn lama ek? hehe



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